So Much For Telling My Kids the Truth


Me: “How many teachers are pregnant at your school?”

Xavier: “Four.”

Me: “Geez…sounds like there’s something in the water.”

Xavier: “Sounds like a lot of teachers are having unprotected sex.”

Me: …..

At Least Middle Schoolers Are Bullying Using Current Events


Xavier: “Mommmmm!”

Me: “What?”

Xavier: “I need a haircut.”

Me: “You just got your hair cut a few weeks ago.”

Xavier: “Mom!  People kept coming up to me all day, saying, ‘Trump 2016’!”

Okay...he has a point.

Okay…he has a point.

Hey, We’ve Met…None Of This Should Come As Any Surprise


(Yes, I know this picture has NOTHING to do with the post, but it amused the crap out of me, so that’s enough in my book.)

Caolinn: “Our sports assembly was stupid. They let the golf team hit numbered balls into the stands, and if you caught one, you got a doughnut. Now, please tell me…what teenage girl is going to want balls flying at their face?”

Me: *snort*

Caolinn: (sigh) “Mother, please…”