And, Yes, I Am Going To Teach…I’m Just Whining.


Me: I’m too tired to teach tomorrow, I think I’ll just show them a movie.

Ryan: How about Frozen?

Me: How about Mommy Dearest?

Ryan: Good call, it would make all the parents look good.

Me: Today’s lesson: Perspective.

Ryan: They’ll also learn important life lessons like “Clean your plate.”

Me: And, “No, you DON’T need all those birthday presents.”

Ryan: And, “You can’t beat Mommy at swimming, but she can beat you…with everything in the house.”

Me: So much better than Disney.

Can We Let Go Of Let It Go?



For the last couple of weeks, my daughter has been going up to her friend, who’s also in the eighth grade, and randomly singing the Frozen soundtrack¬†to him…apparently he’s sick of it.

Caolinn: “Hey, can I ask you a question?”

Nick: “What?”

Caolinn: *singing* “Do you want to build a snowwwwwman!?”

Nick: “You know what!? ¬†FUCK your snowman.”


And parents…if you haven’t seen this yet, you must…it’s brilliant.