At Least He Knows His Music


To give some background, Liam has the world’s worst math teacher, whose failed grading policy was offensive to me both as a parent AND a teacher.  Seriously, if I tried to explain it to you, your head would explode, but suffice to say, because of her “system” 80% of her students were failing her class.  I had a meeting with the entire admin and grade level, where I laid out the stupidity of the policy, and now…amazingly…my kid is passing math.  *eye roll*

Ryan: “How’s Liam’s math grade?”

Me: “Well, he’s mysteriously gone from an 55% to an 89%.”

Ryan: “Does he seem happier in the class?”

Me: “I think the ship has sailed.  He doesn’t say anything, but that kid can hold a grudge.  I think he hates her.”

Ryan: “How can you tell?”

Me: “He hums Carmina Burana when he does his math homework.”

Ryan: “Yup.  He hates her.”

34 thoughts on “At Least He Knows His Music

  1. Rick

    Hey Megly, this obviously has nothing to do with math or music, but I have a question. In a few weeks, we will be in your fair city. What would be some good dining choices?

    • I’m going to pretend you’re going to Central Phoenix… For old school Phoenix, Durant’s steak house…it’s spendy, but it’s tradition. For good, kickass American new school cuisine, Windsor, St. Francis, Postino’s, Chelsea’s Kitchen, Beckett’s Table, or Federal Pizza. Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles…I dream about, and if you’re downtown…is a must. La Pinata Mexican is my personal choice, but there a lot of good ones, here. Damn it…now I’m hungry. For coffee, screw Starbucks…go to any AJs (high end grocery chain). AJ’s also does made to order breakfast burritos at the deli counter for cheap, that can’t be beat.

  2. Extra points when he sings/hums this remake:

    Oh and by the way… You could tell him there are other people like her in the world. I happen to be working for someone with this mentality.

  3. Apparently bad math teachers are a national epidemic. My kid isn’t even allowed to check the time in her class. The clock is covered with a sign that says: What time is it? It’s math time!

    She’s in 10th grade. My hopes are not high for her understanding of geometry. Or analog clocks.

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