Joan Crawford…You Have Nothing On Me




1. I’ve finally gotten what I always wanted for Mother’s Day…an indentured servant.

2. Also, the “magical bell” has Las Vegas written on it.

3. It just scored me a flavored seltzer, so this shit might ACTUALLY be magical. Β I’m reserving judgment until I can see if it also gets my toilets scrubbed and my dog washed.

In case you haven’t read it…last year’s Mother’s Day post, which was far better worded, and didn’t involve using my children as slaves.

26 thoughts on “Joan Crawford…You Have Nothing On Me

  1. Strange, I always thought having kids was automatic indentured servitude from 8 until they move out of the house? At least that’s what my parents told me when I was a teenager (and throwing a tantrum about SOMETHING). πŸ˜€

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