This Is Probably Only Funny To Me…And Ryan…And My Mom. Hi Mom. Mom…Please Don’t Click The Link, It Will Kill You.


Okay, so, for those of you who DON’T live in Arizona (aka: are lucky), the two largest universities are ASU and U of A…and there is a bit of a rivalry.  ASU people do this bizarre hand gesture, meant to look like a pitchfork, but it looks EXACTLY like a different hand gesture, which, in America…is completely pornographic.

Me: (Sending picture of my kids with the U of A mascots at a science fair.)

Ryan: Nice!  Glad to see they’re carousing with the better university.  Keep them away from the ASU people, they’ll teach them dirty hand gestures.  I’m still trying to figure out how they started using “The Shocker” as their symbol.

Me: Oh, my, God…I wonder that EVERY TIME.

Ryan: I have this image that it was started as a prank, when a U of A grad said, “No, really, you guys need a hand sign.  It would be really cool.”

Me: It doesn’t even look like a pitchfork.  Since when are pitchfork tines uneven?

Ryan: When they’re designed by an engineering student from ASU.

Me: Booooom.

40 thoughts on “This Is Probably Only Funny To Me…And Ryan…And My Mom. Hi Mom. Mom…Please Don’t Click The Link, It Will Kill You.

  1. I ignored your warning, at my peril. It went to prove that old dogs have MANY things to learn.

    Now, I’ll never forget this, yet can’t remember what I wrote on the shopping list a minute ago. Sigh.

  2. I had no idea about the hand gestures. Though wouldn’t a pitchfork look better with four even prongs? It’s hard to change a tradition no matter how bad, I suppose.

  3. Hahaha in high school band we had one marching cadence where we all yelled “shocker” and threw that gesture. We thought it was hilarious. I have no idea how we got away with that.

      • Haha, likely true. Now I’m scared to think of all the things I’ll be clueless of if I ever have teenagers…or what I’ll have to pretend to be clueless about…

      • God, you have no idea. I have a classroom full of kids who think they invented every marijuana reference on Earth, and I couldn’t POSSIBLY know what they’re talking about when they talk about what they’re doing after school.

  4. I too clicked the link. I have always considered myself to be rather savvy but I am somewhat traumatized. Not because of the gesture itself, but that I’ve managed 42 years on this planet as an avid college football fan and never knew what they were doing!! I now need to go research the Aggies and other teams to see if they are pervs too!!

  5. i’m laughing pretty hard. in another weird interwebs “kinda coincidence” – I went to u of a for one semester. thank god I didn’t go to ASU because they are freaks.

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