(Yes, I text my teenager on her lunch hour to bitch about OTHER teenagers.)

Me: I’m subbing on my prep for the Drafting teacher, and I’m watching this girl flirt with the boy across from her by pretending to be stupid to get his attention.

Caolinn: Ugh.  Idiot.

Me: I want to throw markers at her.

Caolinn: Please do.  Throw red ones, they’re more alarming and make sure to take the caps off first.

Me: And as I do, I’ll scream, “NOT. ON. MY. WATCH.”

Caolinn: They can’t fire you…you’re just teaching her.

25 thoughts on “Ready…Aim…FIRED!

  1. Doug in Oakland

    Your cries of “Wait! It’s a trap!” are drowned out by the loud SNAP! as he willingly steps in it…
    Hormones are weird.

  2. I still remember my Dad getting angry at me when I was pretty young (maybe around age 12,13?) that he said I was “dumbing myself down for boys”.

    But the reality is that – at least at our age – most boys didn’t like smart and bossy girls. I hope it’s different now!!?

  3. There are loads of men who like smart women. But a f#ck-ton more who don’t. Even most of the ones who like smart women want ’em def. less smart then THEY are. Same rules go for funny women.

    More SAY they like smart than do.

    True story: Smart, funny, pretty rocket scientist lecturing to room of 200 rocket scientists (she am their new boss). One say to good buddy: “She cute! Me going to ask out.” Buddy say, “Why?! No way! She smarter than we!!”

    (He ask. They married now : )

    See? 200 smart-smart rocket scientists just like boys in your class.
    No wonder girls act dumb.

  4. I’ve seen girls dumb down for other girls, too. and not in a lesbian way. which, I now just made this comment one million times more complicated than I intended (or I might be ‘dumbing down’ with the adjective ‘one million times’). I try to tell my three girls and one boy (and hubby for that matter), “let your true brain show.” course, they are OUR kids so sometimes letting our true brains show is just dumb (minus the down). ;o)

  5. It happens here in Mexico in epic proportions. Unfortunately, due to the male dominated economics, this is a skill taught from generation to generation with the female gender. I have female student in her 20’s who is studying to be both an architect and an English teacher. She walked in to my classroom where I happen to have a handsome male student in his 20’s (who, unfortunately, genuinely has the common sense and intelligence of a 15 year old) and I think I could actually hear the whistling sound as her IQ dropped. I have never had to ever yell at my teacher training students. But this past Tuesday I snapped as the 2 sat their texting each other and giggling in my class. It makes me crazy. AND I have actually had young women in class tell me that they can’t be too independent here because they will never find someone who will marry them. I fight violent urges to thunder punch them.

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