I Can’t Get Through ONE Friggin’ Lesson.



As most of you know, I teach special education, and a good number of my students have difficulty with one or more areas of learning.  My language arts period is for students with learning disabilities in reading, and uses a variety of drills to help kids learn to break words down and decode them more easily.  This is one of the easier ones, but, as usual, I can’t get through ANYTHING without D’Avonte making it interesting.  They were supposed to be adding suffixes to words…

Me: “Add a suffix to happy.”

Class: “Happiness!”

Me: “Add a suffix to beauty.”

Class: “Beautiful!”

Me: “Add a suffix to self.”

D’Avonte: “SYPHILIS!”


30 thoughts on “I Can’t Get Through ONE Friggin’ Lesson.

  1. It is interesting that D’Avonte has difficulty learning yet has a sense of humour and language skills that are symptomatic of a highly evolved intelligence and a sophisticated thought process.

  2. Doug in Oakland

    She reminds me a little of my friend Mark and I, who found school to be great comedy training in that if the smartass jokes we made were actually funny, we got in less trouble for making them. I hereby apologize to all of my former teachers…

    • Yeah…when I took the new gig, teaching high school, this year, I realized five hours into the “back-to-school” inservice, that the teacher I was sitting next to all day…was MY math teacher Soph year. What followed was an intense apology for what a bitch I had been, which thankfully, he didn’t remember.

  3. my favorite posts are your ones about the $hit your students say. reminded me of my own child (who in her own way is special?): is the GT program for kids who are imaginary? me: I think the word you are looking for is “imaginative.” 😉 and, actually, I take it back. I can’t really have favorites! I love them all. 😉

  4. elitosphere

    In terms of pure logic, this isn’t wrong. Syphilis is EXACTLY what you’re at risk of getting when you add unnecessary things to your self.

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