42 thoughts on “This Is Why Voice-Text Shouldn’t Be Used By Teenagers And/Or Drunk People.

  1. Randstein

    What gives me pause is this is not an isolated discovery of a genius child but the leading edge of the next stage of how we communicate with one another. What is different is we can ignore the presence of someone and their voice but we are unable to look away when our smartphone chirps. She wins indeed.

  2. Hehehe moving one step closer to the visions of the human population in the movie Walle.I am waiting for my hover craft lounger so I never have to walk again 🙂

  3. Pfft… Amazing how temporarily blocking someone (either through the feature or changing the DND Schedule) can reciprocate annoyance levels while maintaining a smug look on your face.

    Oh and you have the lock codes? Lock them out of their own phone remotely works too…

  4. If she was any older, I’d ask what she’d been smoking and if she could hook me up! LOL Actually, what’s depressing is that I recognized those lyrics but had to take to Google to figure out WHERE they were from!

  5. Isn’t she a little “old” to be singing lyrics from Aladdin?? LOL! (in my defense I only know that because my daughter loved that movie and the lyrics are permanently etched in my brain) along with Supercalafragilisiticexpealidocious ha ha! and NO! I will NOT explain how I know the spelling of that word!! (see if that will come up on her speak to text app) 🙂

  6. Doug in Oakland

    Those things kinda creep me out. Maybe because I’m so old. Or maybe because my last phone had a button on the side that turned on “voice activated features” so that sometimes when I was bending over, a loud, male voice from my pocket would say “Speak a voice command”, then completely disregard the command I gave it.

  7. as i’m fond of saying (because i’m apparently like 100 years old), “like a hog needs a handsaw.” (and i’ve missed you so much i am sitting at my laptop crying tears of laughter.) (and: happy halloween.)

  8. you vocalized my hell…what were we thinking having children?!….Nahhhhh….my life has been enhanced tremendously….now if I didn’t pee when I stand maybe I could give credit where credit is due! Enjoyed your post! very relatable!

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