Guys, I Don’t Think I Can Top This One



For full effect…you have to picture D’Avonte in floral spandex leggings and a blouse with some sassy sandals and enough costume jewelry to blind someone if caught in direct sunlight…

(Looking over to see her doing some weird squatting motion in my doorway, on her way to lunch.)

Me: “What ARE you doing?”

D’Avonte: “I’m tucking, Ms. M, cuz you know…I don’t have…(whispering)…a vagina.”

Me: “Oh, my, God! ย Go to theย bathroom!”

D’Avonte: “Love you, Ms. M.”

Me: “Love you, too.”

31 thoughts on “Guys, I Don’t Think I Can Top This One

  1. pjsandchocolate

    They make special undies for guys for that. I know it’s a little awkward you being a teacher and all, but maybe you could find a creative way to mention it or something.

  2. stormydreams

    I think one day we are going to see D’Avonte on TV (we’ll all know its THE D’Avonte by the things that come out of her mouth) and she will change the world – for the better and not just for the better looking.

  3. Hey vagina or not.. it is a classic female move to try to adjust your undies.. I have been known to do calisthenic type squats when I get out of my car to un- wedge a panty. You go girl!

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