36 thoughts on “D’Avonte Strikes Again…

  1. Storm Chaser

    You know that age old question….If you could invite anyone to dinner, dead or alive? I think my new answer might be D’Avonte. Oh, what an evening that would be.

  2. Randstein

    Perhaps Ann Landers and Emily Post of the old days have left an opportunity for the Devine Ms. D. to move into. A modern twist on surviving the nebulous currents of fashion, neustadt manners, and social grace. πŸ™‚

  3. Doug in Oakland

    “fashion Advice with D’Avonte” It could become an American institution. You, of course, would deserve credit for teaching the necessary writing skills…

  4. stormydreams

    I really REALLY wish I could introduce this young person to my children so they could learn from the example of simply being true to one’s self. I love D’Avonte!

  5. stormydreams

    The gift of accepting one’s whole self is so rare, and for this young person to attain that at this early age says the world is her oyster one day. Especially with people that encourage her, believe in her, and most importantly ALLOW her to be herself in her life.

    • Too true. I tell her every time her family freaks out, “Just think of the clothes you’ll be able to wear in less than two years, when you’re on your own.”

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