The Sexual Reference Wasn’t As Alarming As The Fad



It all started with them singing Gangham Style…and then the dog, Sully, walked by…

Liam: “Oh….sexy Sully…”

Xavier: “Oppan doggy style.”

Me: (laughing) “Oh Jesus God, don’t say that.”

Liam and Xavier: “Why?”

Me: “It’s a sexual thing…just don’t say it.”

Xavier: “Well, that explains why I got yelled at for saying it in computers.”

19 thoughts on “The Sexual Reference Wasn’t As Alarming As The Fad

  1. I have teacher training students here in Mexico who are, for the most part, very fluent. Every now and then I remember that English is not their native language. Last year, one of my students was giving a practice lesson to her fellow students. She was trying to tell them to put rubber bands around their assignments. She kept telling them to “Now place your rubbers on.” I finally broke out laughing and snorting and had to explain the difference.

      • Yes, we have had a few “special” lessons. I had to go over the proper pronunciation between Beaches and Bitches. And of course there was the lesson about the planets where one very sweet kid kept saying things like “Is Uranus bigger?” and “pass me Uranus.” In that case he was using it correctly but it still brought out the 3rd grader in me and I ended up in fits of laughter.

  2. HA! If I had a nickel for every time one of my kids did a sing-song with some sexual explicit (yet unknown to them) word in the grocery store — think line full of grandmas — I think I might be able to quit my day job.

    • I…would….die. Although, when Caol was about 18 months old, and some dear old lady was coming up to us to tell me how cute she was…that’s the exact moment she decided to pipe up with a word she learned from her father, in traffic. *sigh*

      • Classic cuteness. Did she turn her head all the way around afterward, and vomit for effect? You could always blame it on the devil with a consoling “we’re working on it” down here in the Bible Belt, and she would totally understand.

  3. Thanks for keeping me up to date on the latest idioms. LOL I was in Mexico once and in need of a rubber, which I tried to explain to the two young women working in the pharmacy who spoke as much English as I spoke Spanish. None. I refused to pantomime my need, however. Finally I came up with prophylactic, which they got, to much merriment as I turned three shades of red. –Curt

  4. Doug in Oakland

    That was hilarious. The following exchange occurred between my sister in law and my nephew as he was given his first taste of ice cream during a visit to my parents house:
    Nephew: *gobbles up the two little spoonfuls of ice cream and raises his saucer with both hands* More?
    SIL: *dishes up another spoonful* OK, but that’s all you get.
    Nephew: *gobbles it up and lifts his saucer again* More?
    SIL: Nope, that’s all.
    Nephew: No more?
    SIL: No more.
    Nephew: Fuck!

    Both of my parents started giggling, and my concept of the consequences of getting caught cursing got an immediate revision…

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