Here…Let Me Ruin Your Self-Esteem, Playa.



John: “So, now I’m having to make sure that I’m done with brunch with the first girl in time to pick the second girl up.”

Me: “Are you proud of yourself for juggling two women at once?”

John: “Um…YEAH.”

Me: “Can I offer you some perspective, Cassanova?”

John “This should be good.”

Me: “As proud as you are of juggling TWO women, there was an annual televised contest, in which TEN TIMES that many women fought for the affection of a syphilitic Flava Flav.”


John: “How come your perspective always ruins everything.”

Me: “It’s a gift.”


17 thoughts on “Here…Let Me Ruin Your Self-Esteem, Playa.

  1. Ha! No kidding… or wrap your brain around this… Charles Manson has so many women throwing themselves at him he has to beat them off with a stick (or a stick like apparatus that he fashioned out of a toothbrush and cardboard toilet paper rolls)

  2. DA-YUM!! Hahahahaha! Good one; seriously, good one! If I hadn’t lost faith in reality tv before that show, it was definitely gone when I realized it wasn’t a joke… Just the thought of him gittin’ “cozy” with that Amazon-drunk, 50-foot-HOTMESS Brigitte Nielsen was enough to make me wanna bleach my eyeballs… forget the pathetic gaggle of “normal” women competing for that! WHERE’S the PRIZE!!??

  3. Why? Why do I let you lead me to Wikipedia to check out stuff when I have NFI what you are talking about in your American accent? Another thing I cannot unlearn….. Thank you once again, I think 😉

  4. elitosphere

    LOL. Speaking of perspective… what he sees as “ruining” things, I see as making things exponentially better! You’re the human version of chocolate syrup!

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