So, You Made Your Kid a Co-Dependent, Drug Addict With Literature!


Yes, I know…I know…this is the cheapest attempt at a post, of all damn time, but I’m already back at work, and seriously, this was written so long ago, that the only people who have had to suffer through it were my mother and a few other unfortunate souls who owe me money. I will purposely have a dick-heavy conversation with everyone I know, until one of them says something funny enough that I can write a new post tomorrow. Promise. 🙂

Fisticuffs and Shenanigans


The Giving Tree: Let’s call this book what it really is: A Manual For Codependency.  Seriously.  The tree gives and gives and gives to this kid, turning him into a little ingrate, and then, only at the END, when he’s used the tree up completely, and he has nothing left in his life, does the kid (now an old man, who has no other options) settle for sitting on the tree, and the tree is content with this.  Giving Tree…get thyself to a 12-step meeting.

Goodnight Moon:  And, dear, Lord, I know I’m burning the proverbial Mommy flag on this one, but I must.  As much as my kids loved this book, and as much as I liked reading it (okay, I admit, in part, because it was short), there is a bowl full of mush just laying around collecting botulism…a rodent in a the nursery spreading Hantavirus…

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9 thoughts on “So, You Made Your Kid a Co-Dependent, Drug Addict With Literature!

  1. I have a friend who is convinced that the bunny in Good Night Moon is committing suicide at the end of the book. Refuses to read it to his kids because it freaks him out.

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