You Scream, We Scream, Except For Teenage Girls Who Are Mehhhhh For Ice Cream


(Nothing about that above link is REMOTELY work safe or appropriate, and I love it for reasons that I can’t begin to explain.  I might also have a SLIGHT history of posting it on the walls of my straight male friends, for their birthdays, to make it weird for everyone.)


Ladies and Gentlemen…the difference between a 14-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy…as demonstrated by an ice cream truck in the neighborhood.

Boy: “Mom! Is that an ice cream truck!? Can we, can we, can we!?”

Girl: (coming out of her room) “What in the hell is that awful noise, and when is it going to stop.  Jesus…there should be a law.”

16 thoughts on “You Scream, We Scream, Except For Teenage Girls Who Are Mehhhhh For Ice Cream

  1. elitosphere

    NOOOO, I feel so personally betrayed by this nonchalance towards ice cream!!! For the love of God, WHY?!?

    Side note: I am so done with the internet, because there is NO WAY I can ever top the fact that you busted out Cazwell so effortlessly in an otherwise quite innocuous post. You are LEGEND!

    • LOL…Seriously!? I call for panda bears to go extinct and expose Craig’s List hooker-y, and my secret love of boy-on-boy pop/rap is what wins me legend status!? Crap, I would have done this AGES ago, if I’d known!

      Oh, she loves ice cream. She just doesn’t love crappy stuff coming off the truck, nor does she love the shrill horror-show music coming off of it. That girl has some serious standards…she better make a lot of cash.

      • elitosphere

        LOL how about we chalk your legendary lengendisms to a super-awesome combination of everything you’ve mentioned so far… the awful yet mesmerizing video is what sealed the status.

        I felt a genuine sense of relief that the disdain was for the ice cream truck and not the ice cream. In that case, she’s got my vote, actually. But yeah, let’s hope she makes a lot of cash. Cuz you know what they call people with those kinds of standards and no money to back it up? They call them the nearest and cheapest bankruptcy lawyer, that’s what.

      • Darling…have I mentioned how I adore you lately…if I have not…then know that I do…a lot. 🙂

        Ugh, either that or she’ll have to marry well. Hopefully, her metabolism continues to be stronger than her ice cream habit. *fingers crossed*

      • elitosphere

        Well, if not, you can always begin prepping her from now to star in a reality show. The money will be excellent, provided that neither of you is bothered by the fact that she’ll eventually wind up screwed up and at the bottom of the socio-intellectual pyramid.

        And, by the way, the feeling, my dear, is absolutely mutual. 🙂

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