Hello? CDC? I Need To Teach Someone Perspective…



Xavier: “I didn’t get any popcorn.”

Me: “I’m sorry.”

Xavier: “I didn’t get any strawberries, either.”

Me: “I’m sorry.”

Xavier: “I didn’t get ANYTHING.”

Me: “Did you get any smallpox?”

Xavier: (pause) “No.”

Me: “So sometimes NOT getting something is a good thing.”

Xavier: *sigh*

40 thoughts on “Hello? CDC? I Need To Teach Someone Perspective…

  1. When my father was performing his act (mostly magic) at the Renaissance festivals he would often use this line upon some unsuspecting member of his audience:
    “A pox upon thee!
    …but only a small one.”

  2. I agree that it is important that children learn to deal with disappointment, and that they will not always be treated equally.

    But…If it’s that Liam and Caolin got strawberries and popcorn and Xavier didn’t–that family members scarfed up everything like hogs and weren’t thoughtful about saving some for the member who often is the slowpoke–then I feel differently than everyone else about this.

    In that case, I would surprise the other family members by preparing for Xavier alone a big tray of treats–no sharing permitted–and explain to all that it is to make up for the no-one-saved-him-any-popcorn-or-strawberries day.

    But it may be that I don’t understand the context.

    • Oh, I wouldn’t feel TOO sorry for him. First, no one had any popcorn that day, and secondly, when we have blueberries, that kid eats them like a demented black bear, and the rest of us see not ONE bluet. lol If the other two finished the strawberries, it’s because they were close to scurvy. πŸ™‚

  3. gee I’m glad you cleared that up. i was all ready to call CPS and let them know that you were abusing your kid by depriving him of popcorn. I bet they hear that all the time.

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