Werewolf? There wolf…


Caolinn: “The new season of Teen Wolf premieres in half an hour!”

Me: “Seriously…who are you?”

Caolinn: “Don’t make fun of Teen Wolf…I bet when you were my age, you were obsessed with Bay Watch.”

Me: (miming picking up the phone)  “Hi…Mom…can you please come pick up your granddaughter?  Why?  So I don’t go to jail.”

21 thoughts on “Werewolf? There wolf…

  1. I’ve gotta agree with Caolinn on this one. Leave Teen Wolf aloooone! Though, in all honesty, I still wouldn’t have brought Bay Watch into it… that’s just cold.

    That meme though… I’m simultaneously aroused and repulsed. No easy feat, so bravo to you!

    • Nahhh…trust me…sometimes my good deed is that I kept my mouth shut when I wanted to open it. (note: 90% of the time this is at work when a Republican starts talking)

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