14 thoughts on “Where The Fuck Are Gopher and Issac, When You Need Them?

  1. elitosphere

    “Titanic”? On a cruise ship? You, my dear lady, are officially my hero. I’d much rather suffer through “The Last Airbender” on repeat than be forced to watch “Titanic” while on any marine vessel. Sure, that movie is a damn train wreck, but better a train wreck than a shipwreck.

  2. hahaha!!!! Absolutely awesome. I wanted to write that Gavin MacLeod was rolling in his grave but I looked it up and he’s still alive. Darn.
    On the bright side, you’ve got the Professional Dance Champions to look forward to.

  3. The love boat reference is priceless! I couldn’t have remembered this names for the life of me! I hated Titanic, but would be to chicken to watch it on a cruise ship. Wait! I’m to chicken to take a cruise period!

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