17 thoughts on “Thanks, Captain Obvious…That Bit Of Insight Earns You An ‘A’ In Smartassery

  1. If children today are reared sucking at The Simpsons television teat, they’re gonna spew the milk of Simpson snideness. (Or South Park, or name your own preferred pi’zen.) At least this way they provide better blog fodder.

  2. I love teaching! And teacher stories ā¤ļø

    I asked one of my year 7s what he was doing. He replied “Nothing! Why do I keep getting in trouble for doin’ nothin’?” I replied “Ummmm, cos you’re supposed to be doing something? Like work for example?”

  3. Can’t stop laughing. I think I would’ve busted out laughing right in the middle of the classroom if a kid said that to me (then promptly wrote down “no bonus points for you”).

  4. Well that’s a good chuckle! Cheeky little bugger!

    I never would have noticed the Kanye West tag, but it certainly is fitting. I think he must have gotten into clothing design simply because there were no hats yet on the market that could contain his swollen head!

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