9 thoughts on “Yes, Doctor…But Do You Have A Vaccine To Prevent Hillbilly-ism?

    • You are setting yourself up for really rough day, Sugs… 🙂 My only kosher bakery closed shop here…if you love me, you’ll eat a black and white today and thing of me whilst doing so. *sigh*

  1. Oh I would but my fat ass has wired my mouth closed due to not being able to fit into any of my clothes. Sigh. I’m pretty sure Doughnut Plant will soon file for bankruptcy since my absence.

  2. OK I had to look this up as I had no frame of reference for it. Now I’m really sorry I did, and so thankful I don’t have time to watch TV. I cannot unlearn this thing.

    But heck, look – a picture of Wonder Woman! Day made 🙂

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