And That’s How I Got Letourneau-ed.



Every day, when one of my students walks home, he either leaves through the west gate with my assistant (Ms. Garcia), or through the east gate with me (Ms. McMcerson).

Ms. Garcia: “Manuel, are you coming out my gate?”

Manuel: (yelling) “No! I’m going out with Miss McMcerson!”

Me: “Dude, STOP yelling that!  You’re going to get both us in the newspaper!”


13 thoughts on “And That’s How I Got Letourneau-ed.

  1. Now that is a truly sad state of affairs … meetings with doors open, even discipline, being continuously cautious about not even bumping against students. When I lean over to provide help in the classroom, I always hold my tie back … yes! For fear it will brush against a student. Ugh

  2. Reminds me of when I was teaching high school… we’re already had two very public cases of inappropriate teacher/student relationships that school year, and one of my favorite students, not thinking, put a note in a student-run monthly creative journal that said, “Is anyone NOT stalking Mr. [name redacted]?”

    Needless to say, I just about shit my pants in fear.

  3. Seeing the duck pic, reminds me of a conversation the wife had with one of her grade 1 students.

    Student: My dog is really old.

    Wife: How old is he?

    Student: I don’t know, but he doesn’t even lay eggs anymore.

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