Soixante-Neuf, If You’re Feeling International



My lovely 14-year-old daughter, pointing to a truck with a large ’69’ painted on the back.

Caolinn: “Heh, heh, heh.”

Me: “What?”

Caolinn: “Sixty-nine.”

Me: (horrified) “How do you EVEN know about that!?”

Caolinn: (look of utter disdain, and putting out her right hand) “Hi.  My name is Caolinn.  I go to public school.” (eye roll)

4 thoughts on “Soixante-Neuf, If You’re Feeling International

  1. Hahaha! I hate those awkward parenting moments….. Sadly I have many, considering how open and blunt I am. My kids are the same and they actually have the power to stun me into silence……..and embarrassment.

    • As long as CPS doesn’t have a differing viewpoint…you’re totally cool. lol

      (and after over 15 years of teaching…I could tell you stories that would make you feel like mother of the century)

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