Rhinophobia…The Fear Of Rhinos.



Caolinn: “I want to get my nose pierced.”

Me: “Nope.  I told you, you had to wait until you were sixteen.”

Caolinn: “PLEEEEASE!  It’s the ONLY thing I want!”

Me: “You can phrase it as dramatically as you want, I’m not changing my mind.”

Caolinn: “At least I’m not one of those kids who wants to pierce their whole face or their belly button!”

Me: “Please don’t use ridiculous comparisons to make what you want sound better.  I practically invented that technique.  ‘Ohhhh, at least I’m not shooting heroin and jumping out of planes.'”

Caolinn: “Well, maybe I’ll shoot heroin and jump out of a plane.”

Me: “And you know what I’ll say?  I’ll say, ‘You make poor choices…now you’re not getting your nose pierced until you’re eighteen.'”

Caolinn: *sigh* “Fiiiiiine.  I’m afraid of heights and needles, anyway.”

Me: “Needles?  Did you think they were going to massage the nose ring into your face?”

Caolinn: *facepalm*

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