Texting Goes Biblical



Drew: I’m going to kill this fucking nephrologist.  He’s a total sack of shit and undermined me to a patient.

Me: Want me to hold him down, so you can kick him?

Drew: Not enough.  I want to crucify him.

Me: Old school.  In that case, Home Depot closes at 8…you grab the boards, I’ll grab the nails.

Drew: Best. Friend. Ever.

11 thoughts on “Texting Goes Biblical

      • couch is cleaned…………kind of. do you mind sleeping with crumbs and spare change? because really if that’s the worst thing you’re sleeping with, you’re doing pretty good in my book. ;o) and thank you for giving me a Rudy’s craving. I am not partial to shiner (probably the only person I know who isn’t). I am a strict miller lite girl. in fact, this might go on my tombstone. although, last night I splurged and drank lemon berry shandy made by ican’tremember and it was superb.

      • Free snacks AND cash!? Yeah…I’d definitely done worse.

        Trust me…try their summer brew Ruby Redbird. It’s superb. And you’re drinking Miller Lite might be the only thing I’ve ever disagreed with you about. At least I’ll know my beer is safe in your fridge, while I’m drooling on your couch.

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