I Feel So Sorry For Men


Any excuse I can find to mock a Kardashian…

Me: “My pants don’t fit.”

Casey: “I don’t want to be in trouble here.  Do they not fit in a good way or a bad way?”

Me: “In a good way.  However, now you’re in trouble for not knowing that I’ve lost weight, and not gained it.”

Casey: “Damn it.”


Casey: “It’s because I always think you look good.”

Me: “Well done.  Clearly it’s not your first time at this rodeo.”

Casey: “Oh, hell no.  I bring my own chaps.”

14 thoughts on “I Feel So Sorry For Men

  1. Kudos to Casey with the perfect response. I was just faced with the same exact situation at work where a girl was upset that I didn’t notice that she lost weight but I chose to go with “I didn’t notice that you needed to lose weight”. Still works and it’s the truth.
    More Kardashian mocking please. I’m begging you.

  2. niiiiiiiiiice save, casey. you are ready to meet someone’s wife and mistake her for the mother………or daughter. (not that that’s ever happened to me.)

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