Happy Questionable-Fashion-Choices Day, Everyone!


To be clear, this modeling gig was yet another attempt at someone’s big break.

After over a month of debate over what to be for Halloween, my daughter, at 8pm last night, finally settled on something, during a last ditch effort at Target.  She has discovered that because she is now 14, she can no longer wear kid’s costumes, thus thrusting her into the sizing of the “Sexy (Fill-In-The-Ridiculous-Item)” world.  Her exact quote was, “Yeah, I don’t think 8th grade is a good time to start dressing like a whore.”  And this folks, is why I love her.

Anyhoo…  After failing to find anything, and starting to leave, she saw a cardigan in the women’s department, just calling her name.

Caolinn: “Oh, My, God!  I love that!  Can I get that?”

Me: “No.  We’re not here for regular clothes.”

Caolinn: “But, it’s amazing!  I’ll wear it for my costume.”

Me: (incredulous look) “And you would go as….?”

Caolinn: “Seriously, I can…be a nerd!  I’ll use my glasses, and tape them, and wear last years pants, so they’re too short, and a Big Bang Theory shirt, and THAT cardigan!”

Me: “Are you seriously trying to con me into buying you clothing by claiming it’s a costume?”

Caolinn: “But it CAN be a costume!  Annnnd, I’ll just so happen to wear it constantly after Halloween.”

Me: “To be clear, that cardigan is going to magically make you into a nerd…?”

Caolinn: “Yes.”

Me: “And you want to wear it all the time after…?”

Caolinn: “Yes.”

Me: “So what does that say about you every other time you wear it?”

Caolinn: “That I really love my Halloween costume.”


And that folks, is how you win an argument AND get a free sweater. Bravo, Caolinn…and once again…consider a career in law.


10 thoughts on “Happy Questionable-Fashion-Choices Day, Everyone!

  1. Hahaha that girl has got the right mindset– I like it.
    Also, I love the caption on the photo. That’s what I always think when I’m watching awkward commercials, like “this person was probably really excited to land this commercial because they think they’ll be the next (insert fancy celebrity because I don’t have a TV and am clueless).

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