One More Word And I Show You The Stretchmarks



Xavier: “Can I get a laser tag set for Christmas?”

Me: “No way; no good can come from that.”

Xavier: “Come on!  It’s just lasers!  Nothing bad has ever come from lasers!”

Me: “I’m not about to enter into that debate right now, which, by the way, you wouldn’t win, but I will say that you are not getting a laser tag set.”

Xavier: “Mommmm!”

Me: Are you under the impression that nagging is going to work here?  That might work with your grandma, but it doesn’t work with me.  Do I look like grandma to you?”

Xavier: (pause) “I refuse to answer that question.”

19 thoughts on “One More Word And I Show You The Stretchmarks

  1. My kid would know to ask his dad. Dad would so get him a laser tag set. However, he would ask me first, so that when his father overrules my decision he can sneer haughtily at me. ~sigh~ I’m terrified that I am raising a politician.

    • Worse…a lobbyist. *shudder* 🙂

      Just keep your kid away from my daughter. She’ll be a supreme court justice, what with all the practice she’s gotten arguing with righteous indignation. I’d hate for them to enter into a Clarence and Virginia Thomas marriage. They’d be diabolical.

  2. Kaufman's Kavalkade

    Politely explain to the young man that there is no such thing as pleading the 5th to your moms or a womans inquiry…. A resounding No, and a hug would have been the correct response.

    (Setting up the perfect time to ask for an allowance!)

    Oops, did I just type that?


    • I’m almost certain that he’s already discovered that looking on top of the washing machine, after I’ve done my laundry, to scoop up the cash removed from pockets, is a WAAAAAY more consistent flow of cash than allowance. 🙂

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