Family therapy…it’s inevitable.



Yet another late night text conversation with my daughter, albeit this time she was at her grandmother’s and not in the other room.

Caolinn: I just drew an Amish Ninja.  She has a sword and a butter churn.

Me: That is super offensive to at least two cultures.

Caolinn: I apologize.  Although they don’t use texting technology, so they won’t know.  They are deadly though, so, again, I apologize.  How much do you love me?

Me: I love you more than my luggage, sweetpea.

Caolinn: What the hell?  Of course I’m better than your luggage!  You have to pay extra for it on flights!  Why would you use that for a comparison?  (though I appreciate the gesture)

Me: I love you more than puppies, chocolate chip cookies, hot showers, and free premium cable.

Caolinn: I can live with that.

3 thoughts on “Family therapy…it’s inevitable.

    • I just wish I could remember half our verbal conversations half as well as I can record the texting ones. I seriously hate that phone sometimes though. Especially when she texts me, sitting next to me.

  1. Hahaha! Obviously too young to get the luggage comment, but you had a great retort anyway!

    My son loves to text me. We’re both new to this so the memorable conversations haven’t been texted yet, but they’ll come. We have awesome regular conversations all the time though.

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