Meanwhile…on a dating site that shall remain nameless…


I just received the following email:

“You are very attractive, I cant quite figure what makes you so alluring, but you are!!!! good luck finding someone.”

Here’s what I read:

“Your pictures are good enough that, in the last two weeks, I’ve already “liked” two of them, and I know I’ve winked at you, but you haven’t responded, so I’m going to send this slightly passive aggressive email, that slightly insults you, but let’s you know that, despite the fact that you’re attractiveness is, at best, quirky in some way…that I still want to do you.  If you don’t date me…you will likely die alone.”


3 thoughts on “Meanwhile…on a dating site that shall remain nameless…

  1. Wow. What an ego I have, for am finding that I think I have something worth saying to every one of your posts. Huh.

    Just wanted to say that at least you weren’t told, as was I once: “Your backside is your best feature. You should back up to people to be introduced.”

    Ya’ know, I haven’t posted on my own blog in ages. Think my oh-so-special compliments from men are worthy of a post.

    • HA! I’ve actually told one of my friends she should back her shit up into rooms, because her ass is ridiculous. If I had her ass, I’d make people talk to it, rather than my face.

      • That was my ass THEN. Now, it’s flatter than the earth. Wait–the earth isn’t…You’re KIDDING!! Well, my ass IS. Hey, but maybe with the right makeup, I can make my face look like my ass used to : )

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