I wish you were an ambulance chaser…what you must chase…scares the living shit outta me.


In Arizona, we officially have more lawyers than business.  Now, granted, we seem to have a BEVY of business for these guys, what with all the criminals overpopulating our prisons.  I think (watch me bullshit some statistics here) that something like 1 in 6 people in Arizona is in prison…RIGHT NOW.  I mean…come on…this is Maricopa County…you can’t even get on the ballot to run for office without a felony.

Our own Attorney General, the man who is supposed to be in charge of convicting people, had committed multiple crimes BEFORE HE RAN.  I’m still convinced that’s how he won, and I’m pretty sure he agrees, because he recently decided to double-down and commit another round of crimes and misdemeanors, so that he could one day be governor.  You have to admire his commitment to the formula that worked for so many of our former state leaders.

So, it was with no GREAT surprise, given our cavalier attitude towards criminals (a romance even), that I saw this lovely vehicle parked outside a local elementary school.  Now, everybody has to make a living, and I know, I know…times are tough and even lawyers have to market themselves, but maybe…MAYBE…advertising that you are instrumental in the release of child molesters (alleged!), child abusers (alleged!), and child pornographers (alleged!), among other such fine denizens, shouldn’t be done within 5 feet of a building housing a thousand small children.  Remember when you were a teenager, and you made your parents drop you off a block of two away?  I see that coming early for this guy.  What do you think?


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